To give interior and exterior walls an extra authentic appearance House & Home uses chalk paints.

House and Home Renovation, Lime wash & Styling


Fresco lime wash has been in use for thousands of years. This 100% ecological, sustainable natural paint, is made in the traditional way in many different colours. Lime wash is a natural mineral paint, comprised of slaked lime and natural pigments.

Lime wash can be applied anywhere, providing that the surface is mineral, or coated with a layer of primer. Lime wash is breathable, anti fungal and antibacterial.


Classico chalkpaint is a washable, environmentally friendly, professional chalk water-based paint with natural pigments.

Chalkpaint has a highly attractive matt, velvet and powdery appearance. The use of an extra high dosage of natural pigments gives the paint an extremely deep, intense and full colour. Chalk paint is available in many different colours.